Ethnicity and regionalism in voice over, is your race or culture a burden?

We all know how quickly an article about race, color or culture can spin out of control, so allow me to make a preemptive strike and announce right here that this is not an article about righting wrongs or correcting the world’s problems. If you suffer from hypersensitivity to racial issues, you may not want to read any further. Just understand that this article was derived from a collection of observations of race and ethnicity as they apply to the business of commercial voice over and nothing more. After 10 years performing voice over and coaching talent from all walks of life, these are some of the things I have seen and my opinions about how they effect multicultural actors attempting to succeed in this cross-pollinated society we call America.
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The Definition of a Complete Voice Talent

I have used this term (complete voice over talent) in the past figuring it would be pretty self explanatory, though for those who choose not to read into the words for what they are, I figured a definition was in order. When I use the term I am referring to a voice talent who when they enter the market place, is equipped and outfitted with all of the necessary tools this business requires.
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The difference between men and women when it comes to training – At least when they train with me.

Not that this is a rubber stamp on the sexes saying “this is or isn’t how they are”. It is more an observation that I have made over the years of training voice talent. That observation is: Though everyone is nervous to some degree when they start sessions at the studio, there is something that men do much more often than women, and I wish they wouldn’t… because there is just no need for it.

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Plans for New Voice Over Recording Studio in the Works

New construction plans are in the works for a new location for the studio. MineWurx Studio will be moving just a few blocks away, in Tiger Woods terms thats Driver, 3-Iron, 8-Iron to the front door.
The current studio, as those who have been there know all too well, is small. It certainly get’s the job done, but elbow room, more booth space, instruction space and mixing/production space are needed. At some point a video suite has to make it’s way in there and in the current configuration that is out of the question.

Sound Isolation is going to be a real trick here because we wont have the protection of 14 inch thick rock and plaster walls at the new place. The design and actual configuration are going to be crucial to make sure some yo-yo testing out how his Harley sounds down the street wont hold us hostage during production work.
Up to this point there wont be any equipment changes. At least there aren’t any planned changes. It will still be broadcast and ISDN ready. Digital editing, phone patch, etc. We’re excited about the booth. The existing booth is pretty big, but the new one should be wider, deeper and more comfortable.

There are plans for more study, lesson and production space as well. I think overall it will be a much more comfortable experience for everyone including those of us who sit in it hour after hour, night after night (actual line from some copy we have laying around).

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the progress. Studio contstruction skinny.. Boy, I can’t wait…

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