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Learn the Facts About Voice Over from the Voice Over Coach

The Truth about Learning Voice Over…

A Voice Over Coach should be telling you all these things before you pay them any money. If they aren’t you need to look for voice over training elsewhere.
  • You cannot and will not learn the voice over craft on your own.
  • You cannot and will not learn voice over by reading a book.
  • You cannot and will not learn this craft by listening to a CD.
  • Voice over seminars, workshops, boot camps, jamborees, pow-wows – what ever you call them, are only good for introductory information about the industry.
    They are the “middle men” of the industry and will teach you very little about the actual performance art.
  • Many offers you see for voice over training online are marketing tools solely meant to make money from you.
  • Many people are lured in by the idea they can “get this voice over stuff out of the way” in a weekend when in reality it takes much longer than that.
    How many people do you think would sign up and even worse pay for these “marketing tools” if they knew at the end they still wouldn’t be prepared to compete in this industry? Why isn’t it more people offering these services don’t tell you that before you take them? Gee, I wonder?
  • You cannot and will not learn the voice over craft in a “tele-class”.
  • You cannot and will not learn voice over by attending a weekend seminar.
  • You cannot and will not learn this craft by attempting to buy your way into it.
  • You cannot truly and effectively learn this craft by attending group sessions.
  • If you record a demo CD after two days or even a week of training, you will have nothing but new coasters for your coffee table.
  • If you record a demo CD while someone directs you over the telephone you will have even more coasters.
  • If you record a demo with out formal voice over coaching, your coaster collection will get even bigger.
  • If someone is promising you thousands of dollars can be earned by taking their “training” courses or buying their “training” materials, they are being far from completely honest with you and filling you with false expectations.
  • Most of the information you see on the internet is put there by marketers who are only seeking to rid you of your money.
  • If it seems like a lot of hype, it more than likely is.

If you want your money go toward something of value, spend it on 1-on-1 voice over coaching and nothing else. Coaching includes the type of information you could get from any of the above, and should not be a separate spoke in the financial wheel.

Just think before you spend a dime on this stuff.

Understand that this is our opinion. We are not going to say every organization out there is a sham outfit looking to take your money, but in over a decade of listening to stories from people who have have subscribed to some of the above “solutions”, it is very real to say that many of these “solutions” have proven to only waste people’s time and money.

“Why are we the only voice over training studio so candidly offering the truth?”

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