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Testimonial’s from clients and voice over students of coach Michael Minetree…

These are the kind words of past students and clients. None of them are cherry picked for quality. This is what people are truly saying about the studio and how they feel about the voice over coaching and demo production services provided by Michael Minetree – the Voice Over Coach.

"Before I found Michael as my coach, I was incredibly frustrated in my fledgling Voiceover career, having gone down several paths where people promised easy answers and instant results, only to ask for more money in exchange for canned answers, premature demo recordings, and “one size fits all” master classes.

Michael instantly earned my trust by giving me honest feedback (sometimes brutally honest), individualized instruction, and a realistic but demanding path toward gaining both competence and confidence in vocal performance, studio setup and recording, and navigating the business side of this crazy industry.

I drove two hours each way for every lesson, and never regretted a minute! My career is starting to take off, and I still rely on Michael as a mentor, a coach, a confidante, and a friend. I can’t imagine having tried to go it alone, and recommend Michael to anyone and everyone who is considering making a go in this business."

Jennifer McCluskey

"I will always be grateful I came to Michael for voiceover coaching. His training has been invaluable not only in developing my copy interpretation, vocal acting, and studio etiquette skills, but also in providing the technical essentials of audio production and mastering necessary for successful home studio work. When Michael told me I was ready to accept contracts to narrate and produce audiobooks, I never thought I would be solicited by a publisher less than 24 hours after posting my profile on the Audiobook Creation Exchange (www.acx.com), and have an audition submitted and a contract in place 24 hours after that!

We turned my next coaching session into an intensive quick class in audio mastering, comparing three different software platforms to find the one I was most comfortable with and determine the settings that would best show off my voice, and it worked: the publisher accepted my home studio rendition of the first 15 minutes of the book, and I was on my way!

While insisting on dedication and serious work, Michael has also been generous, kind, and flexible with his time, accommodating the upsets and delays in my personal and professional schedule. I trust Michael for quality, honesty, solid advice, and great value. I look forward to polishing my corporate and technical narration abilities with him and – when he thinks I’m ready – to have Michael produce a killer demo I KNOW will open the door on a whole new market.

And I wasn’t exaggerating with any of the above!

By the way – have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy the punning name of your studio? Yours really does work!"

Mary F. Dominiak – BardicVoice Studio

"I am a working VO professional who has taken shameless advantage of Mike Minetree. His contest a couple of years ago launched my career, although I was eliminated in the very first round. His forum has been a source of professional knowledge and networking which I have used although I am not his student. I have asked him question after question about the industry, equipment, and technique, all of which he has answered without pay. All this after I nearly paid a couple of grand to have a "demo expert" evaluate my voice and make me a demo!

I suspect I am not the only person who has benefited so much from the Minewurx value-added. Folks, Mike Minetree is not someone who is out to make a quick buck off newbie VO talent. This is a dedicated professional who has no qualms about sharing his experience and knowledge for the good of the industry. Thank you, Mike, for your altruism and all your help!"
Sylvia Dorham Commercial and Narration Voice

"Michael Minetree is a true coach. What do I mean by that?
He values the truth, which means he will give you an on-going no-holds-barred assessment of your voice’s potential.
He is a perfectionist with the ear of a director.
He finds your "announcer voice" ego and beats it up.
He helps you find your strengths, and pushes you into areas that you may think may be your weakness-where you may surprise yourself.
He cuts through the hype of the VO business and gives you a realistic and practical set of strategies to successfully market your voice.

So, if you value truth, want to be pushed hard, can accept criticism from someone that has strong opinions, can take direction, want your illusions brutally crushed, and become a successful VO talent-Michael is your guy."
Jim L’Allier Commercial and Corporate Voice

"Michael is a really great coach who understands the requirements of voiceovers.
In a voice-driven business you need someone who will be honest with you,
Who will help point out different strategies to ensure you achieve your highest level of success. If you are looking for the brass track information, clearly explained, you owe it to yourself to give MineWurx Studio a call."

Kevin Who Radio Imaging

"I’m mainly an actor, on the road all the time. I recorded my demo at MineWurx during a break before I went to do a show in Russia. Michael fit the production into my schedule, and got me my master in time to get some copies out to a few producers. I had three political jobs within a month if it hitting the market."
C. Peck Actress and Singer

"Highly professional and patient.. a really good director and teacher. And I was delighted and surprised at both the low cost, and the huge amount of effort and care you took in producing my demo."
Dennis Gaffney NBC Narrations

"Working with Michael was a pleasure. He is a consummate professional and takes direction very well. The characters he voiced for us are both believable and unique. To top it all off, he was a lot of fun and very good natured."
Drew Webster Producer Motion West

"Michael understands and interprets the client’s script quickly and professionally, delivering not only the voice but more importantly, the intention of the writer. As an added bonus, his knowledge of his studio setup allows a producer to connect with him from anywhere in the world to record without technical difficulties."
John McClain The Dog and Pony Show

"Michael takes pride in his work and knows how to get the job done right. He offered me honest career guidance and helped me produce a polished, finished product. He is a true coach and professional"
Natalie Holt, M.D. Medical Narration

"Michael Minetree is a knowledgeable and experienced voice over and production professional. He coached me in a positive way, yet he ensured every detail of delivery and expression were properly addressed in the sessions. When we recorded my demo, I saw that Michael definitely knew the business from both sides of the microphone. I believe I have a top notch quality demo and am pleased that Michael is still available to offer advice and assistance."
Sharon Barry Commercials

"I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience with Michael. His professionalism and candor is what I really needed as someone who’s knew to the voice over industry. I would highly recommend his teaching and coaching services."
Tony Castellano Commercials and Narration

"Professional vocal training and demos are crucial to success in voice overs. Michael offers online courses, which utilize 21st Century technology and provide comprehensive instruction on finding your voice. With MineWurx the cost is nothing compared to what you get back. I finished my schooling with MineWurx yesterday and the training has already paid for itself with the jobs I have been offered."
James Wax Radio Imaging

"Just wrapped up my free 1 hour evaluation from Michael, and it was indeed a very valuable experience. Being in the radio and voice over business for thirty years now, on the local level, Michael carefully critiqued my work and honestly, but respectfully, pointed out the things that were and are preventing me from taking my career to the next (national) level. Michael spent well over an hour to listen and actually teach a few tricks during our MP3 live chat session. I will be looking forward to taking his course in the very near future."
JJ Wright Boston Air Talent

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