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What is the role of the voice-over engineer? From Resnick Interactive

The Engineer is the person responsible for all the machines used in the recording session working
perfectly; their job is to capture all the vocal magic. While they could easily be regarded as ‘button
pushers’ or machine-focused; the fact is, that the Engineer put his/her heart and soul into each
project and their performance cannot be understated or overlooked. One could argue that they are
out TinMan – seemingly machine, but truly much heart.

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The New Voice Over Talent Directory is Up… Almost…

We’ve linked to the new voice over talent directory over at our other web site and we’re off and running getting it up and running. It’s in a very raw form right now – but it’s working and is certainly at a point where people can stop by and take a look.

A lot of the information which is in the directory right now is subject to change here and there so don’t get used to anything you see. We’re still working on a few structural issues and then we’ll be open to new submissions. Right now we’re still trying to get all of the directory members listed – so give us some time before you start making more membership submissions.

As always – any questions – just ask..


So you want to know MORE about your voice over coach?

Want to learn more about me than I may have ever shared before on the internet. Voice Over Talent Dave Courvoisier ( can’t believe I spelled that correctly on the first pass without looking) conducted a very lengthy interview with me for his blog. I wanted to say thank you to him for doing such a bang-up job on it.  With as much as I tried to make myself look like a putz, he wouldn’t allow it.
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Voice Casting – Voice Over Talent Database – Week 2 in Review

There’s always some sort of risk when you leave yourself open for comments from customers. One of the things I have mentioned here and there when it comes to the design of the new database is transparency. We all want a voice casting site built upon transparency. What does it mean to be transparent? It means not having to sit around and try to dissect how or if someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

People want to know what is going on and it’s pretty hard for you guys to stay interested in a web site you can neither touch nor see. So it is my job, in the interest of transparency, to keep you informed about all of the things that are going on in and around the site. So I thought today with this post, we’d let you know what customers have been saying about us and the site as it stands so far. This is how people feel about what we’re doing.
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Voice Casting Review – Caryn Clark

Caryn Clarke - The Hip Chick Voice
Caryn Clark - The Hip Chick Voice

A while back, as we were sitting here kicking around ideas about the up-and-coming voice over database, we got a little curious and went searching for voice talent. But not just any old voice talent. We went looking for well branded voice talent. All too often when you go digging around looking for a new voice you come across page after page that states, “I’m the greatest thing since sliced voice talent and I’m good at everything you could possible want to hire me for!” which we know to be mere self promotion, and more frequently then not, quite a false representation of the truth.

As we were looking, I remembered Caryn Clark and how impressed I was with her web page and her branding. It struck me as one of the few web pages I had come across in recent searches, that actually matched the talent it was promoting. I recommended we give her page another look and we came to a unanimous conclusion: Caryn Clark is a well branded voice talent. And I’m going to tell you why.

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