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Voice over coaching just got a whole lot cheaper!

We’ve started offering voice over coaching sessions and studio technical assistance over live video via Google Helpouts.

Now you can join a live video session for 10 or 20 minutes rather than an entire our. If you need help with anything concerning voice over or just want some information this is a great way to get started without an incredible investment up-front. Come see us on Google Helpouts and give it a shot!



New resources for voice over talent and creatives.

We wanted to let you know about 2 great new resources for the voice over community.
The first is our new web hosting company for voice over talent and performing arts professionals:
Artist Web Hosting.

We can think of no better place for voice talent and performers to set up shop. Experienced support professionals await new orders. We know audio. We know video. We know design. When it comes to getting set up we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Also – If you’re and ISDN Talent you need to be listed here:

Voices with ISDN

Even if you don’t have ISDN we have listings available for talent from all over the world, as well as for Source-Connect voice talent… So come on by and check them out..

The Coach…

The New Voice Over Talent Directory is Up… Almost…

We’ve linked to the new voice over talent directory over at our other web site and we’re off and running getting it up and running. It’s in a very raw form right now – but it’s working and is certainly at a point where people can stop by and take a look.

A lot of the information which is in the directory right now is subject to change here and there so don’t get used to anything you see. We’re still working on a few structural issues and then we’ll be open to new submissions. Right now we’re still trying to get all of the directory members listed – so give us some time before you start making more membership submissions.

As always – any questions – just ask..


Welcome to the Voice Over Coach

Our new voice over training site is up and all of our posts from the old site will eventually lead here. This is a good day for us – an does not signify the end of the MineWurx Studio site – it just means that MineWurx Studio is headed in a different direction and all of our voice over coaching and training specific stuff will be listed here from now on.

So if you came to this page expecting the MineWurx Studio banner to pop up – we’re sorry. The banner has changed – but we haven’t – we’re still the same old crusty, grouchy voice over training site we’ve always been. We’re just flying under a different, more appropriately titled flag than before..

Welcome. Please enjoy your time here… and if you Can tell us about any broken links we haven’t found we’d be very grateful..
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The NEW MineWurx Studio – Home Voice Over Studio Wiring and Construction


It’s taken us a long time to get the “look” we wanted for our new workspace. We’ve had it up and running for some time, but the studio wasn’t shall we say, “client ready” due to the fact the booth and the other little construction projects were getting in the way of everything else. Now, we feel good about the overall look and feel of the studio and even though we still have a way to go to have everything up and complete, we’re at a point where we can switch on the lights and welcome people in.

The studio, as always has been designed around multi-tasking and multi-functionality. There are 4 Windows workstations and one Mac. The Mac and a few of the windows boxes handle video projects. The Mac is also the primary graphics machine and is what we use for all of the office stuff. One Windows box handles ProTools, the other Adobe. One is an exclusive video encoder and the other is a file storage device.
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