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Voice Casting Review – Caryn Clark

Caryn Clarke - The Hip Chick Voice
Caryn Clark - The Hip Chick Voice

A while back, as we were sitting here kicking around ideas about the up-and-coming voice over database, we got a little curious and went searching for voice talent. But not just any old voice talent. We went looking for well branded voice talent. All too often when you go digging around looking for a new voice you come across page after page that states, “I’m the greatest thing since sliced voice talent and I’m good at everything you could possible want to hire me for!” which we know to be mere self promotion, and more frequently then not, quite a false representation of the truth.

As we were looking, I remembered Caryn Clark and how impressed I was with her web page and her branding. It struck me as one of the few web pages I had come across in recent searches, that actually matched the talent it was promoting. I recommended we give her page another look and we came to a unanimous conclusion: Caryn Clark is a well branded voice talent. And I’m going to tell you why.

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