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The New Voice Over Talent Directory is Up… Almost…

We’ve linked to the new voice over talent directory over at our other web site and we’re off and running getting it up and running. It’s in a very raw form right now – but it’s working and is certainly at a point where people can stop by and take a look.

A lot of the information which is in the directory right now is subject to change here and there so don’t get used to anything you see. We’re still working on a few structural issues and then we’ll be open to new submissions. Right now we’re still trying to get all of the directory members listed – so give us some time before you start making more membership submissions.

As always – any questions – just ask..


The NEW MineWurx Studio – Home Voice Over Studio Wiring and Construction


It’s taken us a long time to get the “look” we wanted for our new workspace. We’ve had it up and running for some time, but the studio wasn’t shall we say, “client ready” due to the fact the booth and the other little construction projects were getting in the way of everything else. Now, we feel good about the overall look and feel of the studio and even though we still have a way to go to have everything up and complete, we’re at a point where we can switch on the lights and welcome people in.

The studio, as always has been designed around multi-tasking and multi-functionality. There are 4 Windows workstations and one Mac. The Mac and a few of the windows boxes handle video projects. The Mac is also the primary graphics machine and is what we use for all of the office stuff. One Windows box handles ProTools, the other Adobe. One is an exclusive video encoder and the other is a file storage device.
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After 19 hour grind – The Studio Isolation Booth Near Complete

Now I must admit that not all of those hours were spent hammer in hand – but it was a very long Sunday. The weekends are pretty much dead at the moment so they’re a great time to get this stuff out of the way. All we have to do is complete one more layer of drywall on the outside and begin the application of the acoustic foam on the inside and this voice over isolation booth is ready for the big leagues… The lighting and electric are in – the second door should go on today – and we’re ready for some videos… So stay tuned. We’ll get a complete video up as soon as it is done..

Update on the new studio…

For those of you who come by often enough to know that I haven’t posted in a long, long time – this may come as a shock – but I’m still here..

I’ve been buried in all sorts of projects – the new studio being one of them. It has the old studio beat hands down as far as toys and bells and whistles. One of the most exciting is a complete voice over workstation for my VO students with a mixer, microphone, headphones and a windows computer that is ProTools and Adobe Audition equipped. For years I had to try to explain all of the hands on technology that goes along with learning and performing in a home studio, and now my VO students can sit down at a workstation and go through the motions for real as they practice their technique. It’s a real score for the students and allows the training to become so much more in depth. I have wanted it for a long time and finally it has arrived.

Otherwise the construction is about 75 percent done and all of the equipment wiring has yet to begin. The new booth hasn’t been built yet and a series of doors will be added in the near future. However all of the nice things like direct TV and a bunch of televisions make down time go a little better.

So – in short – we’re almost there and new students are starting to make their way by to check things out. We should be fully operational by March or April, but will be resuming classes in the new studio in a week or two. Pictures will be up on the boards soon…

Home Studio Design: Details of a network quality sound isolation booth.

After years of sitting on this project, we finally blew the dust off of it and got it up on the Internet. If you have ever wanted to see the background design work that goes into building a sound isolation booth capable of delivering at least a –80 dB noise floor if not greater, this is the article you want to follow.
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