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I saw this voice over class on the internet… Should I take it???

Recently I got another email inquiring about some super-duper, lots-o-flash-no-picture – voice over class available to people on the internet for the low, low price of who cares – it’s garbage anyway…

Below – you’ll find more of my opinion on things:

I personally, in 15 years or so of recording and 12 or so of coaching have never run into anyone who was working, or hired anyone for that matter who was a “graduate” of the “boot camp” you’re talking about. The program is marketed by a master marketer looking to snare people into a canned, non-customized program built on the backbone of successful marketing techniques – full of pamphlets and CD’s laced with more buzzwords and marketing lingo. The information available there is freely available on the web. It has simply been scraped from the world and compiled into a package that is in turn sold to people looking for information. That is not to say that there isn’t valid, truthful information included – but there isn’t anything in it that can’t be obtained through a lot of research and asking questions in internet forums.

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The Hollywood myth that people are selling you is exactly that – a Myth

I have dedicated years of my life to this industry – and to training voice over talent in the myriad of complexities that come with learning this craft.

Of the several “False Promises” I’ve come across in this industry from other so-called “coaches”, one of the most egregious violations of reality and the truth are Los Angeles based coaches and people who are affiliated with those inner circles selling young talent on the idea that in order to get closer to Hollywood and it’s producers – you have to go through them.

The other egregious falsehood that is mysteriously and willingly adopted¬† by voice talent on a regular basis is that by selecting a certain coach they are somehow getting closer to working in Hollywood – and nothing could be any further from the truth. Last time I checked – Hollywood isn’t calling you – and they won’t be.¬† Ever – if any time soon.

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So you want to be in voice over? This is exactly how NOT to do it.

I don’t have a lot of time to comment on this right now – but I promise I will definitely be back to fill it out a little bit.. Call me mean… Call me a jerk if you want… But this is not how you become a voice over performer.

This is the message that came with it…

Hello all! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything, but I’m at my wits end. I’ve got some natural talent for doing voiceovers and potentially voice acting, but I’ve yet to get any gigs or jobs doing it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, or where the best places are to get jobs doing such. I’m tired of letting my talent just waste away at me idly doing voices when I get bored. I’ve done some videos on Youtube where I use my voices but nothing ever seems to come of that. I’m married and dirt poor right now, so I can’t afford to pay for a professional demo or getting a full profile on websites such as Is there ANYTHING that I can do, or if any of you know anyone who might be willing to help a guy out, could you please help me? If not, can you at least provide advice or tips on getting my voice out there? Thanks.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks sending this message was a good idea… You can’t just put on a headset and become a voice talent.

I kind of feel for the guy… It’s sad… Really… What’s even worse is I’m sure some “voice over coach” will offer to train him for some money… It will NOT be me… But I’m sure someone will swoop in on him…