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Voice over coaching just got a whole lot cheaper!

We’ve started offering voice over coaching sessions and studio technical assistance over live video via Google Helpouts.

Now you can join a live video session for 10 or 20 minutes rather than an entire our. If you need help with anything concerning voice over or just want some information this is a great way to get started without an incredible investment up-front. Come see us on Google Helpouts and give it a shot!



I saw this voice over class on the internet… Should I take it???

Recently I got another email inquiring about some super-duper, lots-o-flash-no-picture – voice over class available to people on the internet for the low, low price of who cares – it’s garbage anyway…

Below – you’ll find more of my opinion on things:

I personally, in 15 years or so of recording and 12 or so of coaching have never run into anyone who was working, or hired anyone for that matter who was a “graduate” of the “boot camp” you’re talking about. The program is marketed by a master marketer looking to snare people into a canned, non-customized program built on the backbone of successful marketing techniques – full of pamphlets and CD’s laced with more buzzwords and marketing lingo. The information available there is freely available on the web. It has simply been scraped from the world and compiled into a package that is in turn sold to people looking for information. That is not to say that there isn’t valid, truthful information included – but there isn’t anything in it that can’t be obtained through a lot of research and asking questions in internet forums.

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