In-depth, honest voice over evaluations covering equipment, performance ability, studio requirements and applicant readiness.

An update about voice over evaluations and lessons:
A few things you should know...
First - I'll need to hear some samples of your work if you'd like to bypass the evaluation process - or you're going to have to go through a complete evaluation so that you can get a better grip on what's going on in "the business".
Second - this is a terrible "business" to be in - lot's of money out for the chance to see a little of it come back.
Third - If you are interested in pursuing an evaluation or training you'll need to have a functional - though not entirely professional home setup for either - as I no longer meet personally with people in studio until they've reached a more advanced level of training and preparedness - somewhere along 6 to 8 months into their training on average...
Just food for thought..

Why get a voice over evaluation? What goes on in one? What will I learn in an evaluation?
Listen to the podcast to find out more about what goes on in our voice over evaluations:

Listen to the podcast here.

For years we would spend hours online or in studio with prospective students, explaining every little element of the craft to them in an effort to help them better understand the business and make a decision as to whether or not they might want to participate in it. We provided these lengthy evaluations for free to anyone and everyone who came looking for one.

Times have changed after so long, things are much more different now and we can no longer take the time away from the studio schedule to sit down with everyone and talk them through such a serious and highly detailed commitment. Quite simply put, the demands of the new studio are outweighing our ability to provide the service as we always have...

So it was time for a change. One that benefited the serious prospective voice over student and preserved our ability to spend time with them while clearing our schedule of the hours long meetings we were conducting with the casually interested, voice over passer-by.

Our voice over evaluations are a tremendous value to any prospective voice talent and over the years we have given that value away for free because we felt it was the right way to give back to the craft. The time has come to modify our approach to the evaluations so that we can continue to offer them.

The only way to successfully accomplish this was to begin to charge for our time, which has always been valuable and is more so now than ever before. We have now implemented a $250 fee for the live, 90 to 120 minute, in-person or online voice over evaluation.

Our voice over evaluations are exactly that, an evaluation. We don't spare words, or attempt to steer you into our coaching services or the services of anyone else. We simply take a look at your potential and all of the other circumstances surrounding your desire to get into voice over and give you our opinion as to what it will take for you to get going in the business.

The evaluation is live, one on one, intensive and usually a few hours long where we get to discuss marketing approaches, the complications of the business and the studio demands, as well as the performance aspect of commercial and narration voice over. Quite simply put, it is an exhaustive, thorough review of your potential in the business which includes suggestions and guidance as to how to pursue it.

Any time we evaluate a talent we look at:

Just understand that at no time will you be coaxed, urged or persuaded in any way to sign up for our coaching services. Your evaluation, is only an evaluation and does not serve as some underhanded platform to get you in the door. We're not hype artists here. We don't have the time, nor desire to tell you lies and mislead you. The fee structure is the only way to make sure we can take the time out of a very busy booking schedule to spend with serious, prospective talent.

Here are a few things to keep in mind... You are welcome and encouraged to ask us any questions you might have via e-mail. We do not discuss pre-evaluation or voice over related information over the phone.





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