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Voice Over Coaching, Advanced Technical Training and Career Voice Talent Development

Our Private Voice Over Training and Coaching studio is located just outside Washington DC.

The Voice Over Coach - Voice Over Training - Washington DC's Voice Over Coaching and Training StudioOur voice over coaching, or training if you prefer, adheres to one very firm belief; the only way to successfully coach voice over talent is one on one.
We have always been, and will always be about one student working with a private coach during intensive, highly focused sessions.

We take students one at a time, hold private individual classes for them, teach them in the "learn-by-doing" method we have perfected over the years and introduce them to every technical, performance and marketing aspect of the voice over business.

This is our approach to voice over coaching and even though it is one of the most demanding methods of teaching and learning the business, we remain committed to this focus after more than a decade of coaching voice over talent for one very simple reason: it guarantees results when compared to sitting in a room or on the phone listening to someone talk.
In an industry where guarantees are exceptionally rare and ofttimes pure hype, we feel quite confident making the claim.

When you compare the cost and the quality of our services to any other voice over training vehicle out there - other studios can't or won't even try to match us. We invest more time, technology, equipment and personalized care in our students than any other studio to date and at no time is anyone treated like a number.
Our voice over coaching is intense, thorough and high-resolution and covers everything you will need to begin and continue your pursuit of the competitive and lucrative career of professional voice over.

The Voice Over Coach Provides a Dedicated Student WorkstationWe provide our students with all of the above as well as challenging, customized copy and a professional environment in which to train. For local clients we even have a dedicated student workstation complete with mixer, microphone, cables, headphones, a digital audio editor, practice music library and internet software.

At our studio our students learn the craft of voice over from the ground up by doing it, rather than reading about it, hearing about it or being told what it is like in exchange for their hard earned money.

The choice is yours... buy into some option like a seminar, training cd's or a tele-conference where you spend your money to hear about it, or train with our studio and actually learn how to do it - by doing it.
We coach our voice over students to be complete, professional, self sufficient, confident Voice Over Talent. Quite bluntly put, no one in the industry invests the time, effort or technology we do into teaching how to perform this craft.

Neumann TLM103 MicrophoneWe go far beyond simplistic "voice over coaching" here. Our voice over students are trained by a working professional in the industry, not someone who claims to be an agent, casting director or some other make believe big-wig who says they can get you voice over work.

If you really want to understand the business rather than get your pockets emptied by someone selling you a bunch of Hollywood hype, get your voice over training from someone who actually stands in front of a microphone for a living; a voice over coach who is an active, working performer in the industry and not someone who recorded a few commercials 10 years ago, or maybe never at all.

We have a vested interest in your success and treat your time at the studio as one of your most valuable assets. Subsequently, our students stay with us for months.

Whether your training takes place Online or In-studio, you will hear and feel your improvement as it happens. You will find the sessions just as demanding as a regular VO session, if not more so. Your career training is taken very seriously and our style of voice over training is invaluable for a new talent in the industry.

If you want to get into voice over and you're going to invest in a voice over coach you need to practice, you need the feedback and you need to do it in a studio environment. It is in this environment, where you hope to be working someday, that you will learn the true fundamentals of the craft, not in a hotel conference room. This is the only way. Before you pay for any kind of voice over service anywhere - be sure you're investing in your voice and your potential with private 1-on-1 instruction.





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